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TROUBADISC was founded in 1991. The direction of this committed label was evident from the very first release -
a disc of chamber works by Fanny Mendelssohn-Hensel.
The classical music here offers a welcome addition to the
more traditional repertory and provides listeners
with a
totally new experience in the world of sound: lively, appealing and topical ...

New release, May 2016


Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Sonatas and Suites for violin solo (1927)

Renate Eggebrecht, violin

New release, April 2016

'I've always felt that one shouldn't write difficult music. In this sense, I believe I'm very democratic. I don't think it's right to take the material and make something singular out of it. No, one must create something universal, something for society.'

Anatol Vieru

Interview 2. August 1998, Bucharest by Thomas Beimel 

Max Reger aniversary 2016

2016 is the centenary year of composer Max Reger.
Among Richard Strauss and Arnold Schönberg Reger belongs to the key figure in the dawn of modernism.

You will find in our CD catalog a rich Reger-repertoire from the Piano Concerto to the Piano Chamber Music and to the works for Violin Solo:

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra F-minor op.114 (1910)
Piano Chamber Music
Sonata for Violin and Piano C major op.72 (Schafe-Affe)
Sonata for Violin and Piano in C minor op.139 

Quintet for Piano, 2 Violins, Viola and Cello C minor op.64 
Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano E minor op.102 (1908) 

Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano D minor op.113  
Quartet for Violin, Viola, Cello and Piano A minor op.133 
Piano Pieces
Sonatinas op.89 no.1 & no.3 (1905-08) 
Five Humoresques op.20 (1898) 
Variations an Fugue on a Theme by J.S. Bach op.81 (1904) 
Violin Solo
Four Sonatas op.42 (1899) 
Seven Sonatas op.91 (1906) 
Seven Preludes and Fugues and Chaconne op.117 (1909) 
Six Preludes and Fugues op.131a (1914)
Prelude and Fugue in A minor (1902)  
Prelude in E minor (1915) 
Chaconnes op.91 in A minor, op.42 in G minor, op.117 in G minor

Max Reger biography 

Anatol Vieru, Symphony VI »Exodus« and 'Memorial'

Anatol Vieru's sixth symphony, Exodus, arose in a period of downfall and decline, just before the collapse of the régime associated with the name of the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu:

It was composed between 1988 and 1989 and is influenced by the atmosphere of that era. The more I worried, the more obvious it seemed to me that an exodus was taking place around me, a mental exodus for some, a real, physical exodus for others. To me, the image of exodus seems to be the emblem of this turbulent century.

We can now introduce the world - premiere recordings of the sixth symphony Exodus and ‚Memorial‘ performed by the Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of the Romanian Radio Orchestra conducted by Maestro Horia Andreescu and Maestro Ludovic Bács in collaboration with Radio Romania also here and around the world.

On Sunday July 26 / 09:10 clock this CD is presented in Deutschlandfunk of Frank Kämpfer's "The new record: New Music" with intensive text and haunting sound examples.

Matthias Hoffmann-Borggrefe conducts Mendelssohn’s

Following upon the highly acclaimed
live recording of Frank Martin's Requiem and Arthur Honegger's cantata La Danse des morts (TRO-CD 01441), Troubadisc is pleased to present another sterling performance from the Choir of St. Nikolai in Hamburg, conducted by its longstanding director, Matthias Hoffmann-Borggrefe.
   There are many reasons why Mendelssohn's Elijah belongs among the jewels of the nineteenth-century romantic oratorio repertoire.
   Hoffmann-Borggrefe presents a well-considered interpretation that deals intensively with musical details without losing sight of the work's overall rigor. He is assisted by such superb vocalists as Katherina Müller, Yvi Jänicke, Michael Connaire, and a truly stentorian Elijah in the form of the bass-baritone Yorck Felix Speer. The Choir of St. Nikolai is accompanied by judicious and inspired playing from the Hamburg Camerata. The multi-track recording uniquely captures the special atmosphere of this concert of November 2013.

Renate Eggebrecht plays the Ysaÿe Sonatas and Rodrigo’s Capriccio

Ysaÿe is still largely neglected as a composer.

Renate Eggebrecht is thus all the more concerned to show, with her readings, where he should be placed among the great composers for the solo violin and what magnificent things he achieved in this area. Ysaÿe's trailblazing expansion of violin technique led music into uncharted territory: Bartók, Milhaud, Schoenberg, Denisov and many others pursued his discoveries in their own violin music.
   Another aspect that fascinates her about the Ysaÿe sonatas is their relation to the music of Bach, whose set of three sonatas and three partitas she has likewise recorded for the Edition VIOLIN SOLO. 
   Rounding off the Ysaÿe sonatas as a sort of epilogue is the Capriccio by Joaquín Rodrigo. Composed in 1944 as a tribute to the great violinist Pablo de Sarasate, Renate Eggebrecht finds it 'a pièce de resistance of rich-hued impressionistic neo-classicism and daredevil virtuosity for the solo violin'.

"I let Bach decide what his music has to say"

Renate Eggebrecht plays Bach and Silvestrov

Yet another Bach recording? Why not! After all, Bach's Six Sonatas and Partitas for unaccompanied violin are the ne plus ultra for their instrument. They also pose a monumental challenge to every violinist – a challenge in which musical substance, tone quality and technical mastery are tested no less supremely than the player’s skill in characterisation and the ability to breathe tension into large-scale form. In her solo performances of Bach, Renate Eggebrecht pulls out every stop from a lifetime of experience both as an active musician.

Interview Bach >>>

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Karl Amadeus Hartmann
Sonatas 1 & 2, Suites 1 & 2
Paul Hindemith "Komm lieber Mai"

Renate Eggebrecht violin

TRO-CD 01447 









Anatol Vieru Vol. 2

Écran (1970)
World premiere performance
Cello concerto
nr.1 (1962)
World premiere performance
Ode au silence
- Symphony nr.1 (1967)

TRO-CD 01449 

Max Reger 1895

Caricature of Max Reger as          conductor by Wilhelm Thielmann 1913


Anatol Vieru,
Symphony VI »Exodus« and 'Memorial'

Romanian Radio Symphony Orchestra,
Horia Andreescu
Romanian Chamber Orchestra,
Ludovic Bács

World premiere Recordings

TRO-CD 01446 


Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

Oratorio on Words of the Old Testament

Kantorei St. Nikolai Hamburg
Hamburger Camerata
Matthias Hoffmann-Borggrefe

TRO-CD 01445 



Eugène Ysaye Six Sonatas op.27
Joaquin Rodrigo Capriccio

Renate Eggebrecht violin

TRO-CD 01443 



J. S. Bach Sonatas & Partitas BWV 1001-6                         V.Silvestrov Postludium II
Renate Eggebrecht violin

TRO-CD 01444