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Vladimir Martynov


Vladimir Martynov was born in Moscow in 1946. He studied composition at the Conservatory there with Nikolai Sidelnikov and piano with Michail Meshlumov. After his examination in 1970, Martynov taught for a year at a pedagogical istitute in Moscow. In 1973 he began his activity at the Moscow Experimental Studio for Electronic Music and led a rock group from 1977 onwards.

During this time he composed, besides solo and chamber works, two rock oratorios, cantatas and percussion works, dedicating himself to musicological studies simultaneously. He lived in Pamir during 1974 whilst studying Indian and Tadzhik folklore.

Martynov has also made a name for himself as an editor or early polyphonic instrumental music. Starting in 1981 the composer has lived for several years in a monastery near Moscow.

The "Partita per violino solo" was composed in 1976. In it Martynov utilises similar processes to those found in minimal music.
book tips:

Martynow: Konec vremeni kompozitorov 2002 (The End of the Time of Composers) Excerpt in German >>>   

S. Savenko: The Russian Minimalists: V. Martynov and
A. Knaifel,
Sonus 19, 1999

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