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TROUBADISC was founded in 1991. The direction of this com-mitted label was evident from the very first release - a disc of chamber works by Fanny Mendelssohn Hensel.
The classical music here offers a welcome addition to the more traditional repertory and provides listeners 
with a totally new experience in the world of sound: lively, appealing and topical ...

Mieczyslaw Weinberg - For the 100th birthday

On December 8, 2019, the music world celebrates Mieczyslaw Weinberg's 100th anniversary. This event is celebrated worldwide with numerous performances and symposia. In addition, a series of musicological works will be published in 2019.

Among other things, Toccata Press will release an expanded and revised version of the Mieczyslaw Weinberg biography of David Fanning in English, which also includes the research material of Swedish Weinberg-researcher Per Skans, who died in 2007.

VIOLIN SOLO Vol. 9      
Mieczyslaw Weinberg

Sonatas 1, 2 & 3   

Renate Eggebrecht, violin  

Combining all three of Mieczyslaw Weinberg's sonatas for unaccompanied violin on a single CD makes eminently good sense, for the direct ties between the music and the life of this Russian composer become all the more vivid. 'Many of my works', he once said, 'deal with war. Unfortunately, this was not my own choice. It was dictated to me by my fate, by the tragic fate of my relatives. I view it as my moral obligation to write about war, about the horrors that humankind suffered in our century.'

Einojuhani Rautavaara: Variétude (1974);
Kalevi Aho: Solo 1 (Tumultos) (1975), Sonata (1973);
Pehr Henrik Nordgren: Sonata op.104 (1999);
Kalevi Aho: In Memoriam Pehr Henrik Nordgren (2009)


Renate Eggebrecht, violin     

This is Volume 10 of Renate Eggebrecht’s pioneering survey of 20th century solo violin repertoire. Here she focuses on three Finnish composers. Once again, the collection is wide-ranging, and I'm sure the music featured will be a first time encounter for most. I, certainly, have never come across any of these works before. In fact, two of them, the sonatas by Kalevi Aho and Pehr Henrik Nordgren, are here receiving their world premiere recordings...

Stephen Greenbank

Anatol Vieru Vol. 3+4, 2 CD-Set

Symphony No. 2 (1973)
Simfonia concertanta for Cello and Orchestra (1987)
Clepsidra II (1971)
Sinfonietta (1975)
Psalm (1993)
Symphony No. 7 (1992/93)

Anatol Vieru, Romania's great genius alongside George Enescu, can not be supplanted in the long run.

What a terrible year: Michael Tippett, Alfred Schnittke and Gérard Grisey died in 1998. The most painful loss, however, was the death of Anatol Vieru. He was a high-grade symphonist, one of the greatest of his century, Mahler and Sibelius, Scriabin, Shostakovich and Pettersson. That he does not enjoy this reputation can not be cause for mourning. We should rather cheer that it even existed. ...Volker Tarnow (Fono Forum)




Karl Amadeus Hartmann,    

Sonatas and Suites (1927)      

Renate Eggebrecht, violin            

This new recording by Renate Eggebrecht marks only the second time that Karl Amadeus Hartmann's complete works for unaccompanied violin have been released on disc. At the same time it is unique, for it is the first to take Hartmann's autograph scores into account. Besides a good many insubstantial variants, the musical text also contains a number of crucial changes, some of which considerably alter the sound of the music. Hartmann wrote these two suites and two sonatas in a single burst of creativity in 1927 at the age of 22. As a result, they number among his earliest surviving compositions altogether. With a burning curiosity for everything new and an absoluteness that left a deep imprint on his musical language, he explored all the styles en vogue at the time, always with an open mind.

Anatol Vieru II,

Écran, Cello concerto I, Sonnenuhr, Jocuri, 

Ode au silence (Symphony No.1)

'I've always felt that one shouldn't write difficult music. In this sense, I believe I'm very democratic. I don't think it's right to take the material and make something singular out of it. No, one must create something universal, something for society.'
Anatol Vieru
(Interview 2. August 1998, Bucharest by Thomas Beimel)


These two recently released volumes of orchestral music by Anatol Vieru, emanating from the Munich-based label Troubadisc are, for me, like manna from heaven.
Stephen Greenbank - MusicWeb

Anatol Vieru I,             

Symphony VI »Exodus«Memorial

Anatol Vieru's sixth symphony, Exodus, arose in a period of downfall and decline, just before the collapse of the régime associated with the name of the dictator Nicolae Ceausescu:
It was composed between 1988 and 1989 and is influenced by the atmosphere of that era. The more I worried, the more obvious it seemed to me that an exodus was taking place around me, a mental exodus for some, a real, physical exodus for others. To me, the image of exodus seems to be the emblem of this turbulent century.

We can now introduce the world-premiere recordings of the sixth symphony Exodus and ‚Memorial‘ performed by the Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Orchestra of the Romanian Radio Orchestra conducted by Maestro Horia Andreescu and Maestro Ludovic Bács in collaboration with Radio Romania also here and around the world.



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Mieczyslaw Weinberg,
Sonatas 1, 2 & 3

Alfred Schnittke, Fugue

Renate Eggebrecht, violin

TRO-CD 01450



Einojuhani Rautavaara,
Variétude (1974),
Kalevi Aho, Solo 1 (Tumultos), Kalevi Aho, Sonata (1973)
world premiere recording

Pehr Henrik Nordgren,
Sonata op.104 (1999)
world premiere recording

Kalevi Aho, In Memoriam Pehr
Henrik Nordgren (2009)

TRO-CD 01452 

Anatol Vieru Vol. 3+4, 2 CDs 

Symphony Nr. 2 (1973)
Recording of the world premiere

Simfonia concertanta for
Cello and Orchestra (1987),

Clepsidra II (1971),

Sinfonietta (1975)
Recording of the world premiere 
Psalm (1993),
Symphony Nr. 7 (1992/93)

TRO-CD 01451



Karl Amadeus Hartmann,
Sonatas 1 & 2, Suites 1 & 2

Paul Hindemith "Komm lieber Mai"

Renate Eggebrecht, violin  

TRO-CD 01447 


Anatol Vieru Vol. 2

Écran (1970)
World premiere performance

Cello concerto nr.1 (1962),
Sonnenuhr (1968)
World premiere performance

Jocuri  (1963)
Ode au silence - Symphony nr.1 (1967)

TRO-CD 01449

Anatol Vieru Vol.1,

Symphony VI »Exodus«,
Romanian Radio Symphony Orchestra,
Horia Andreescu

World premiere Recording

Romanian Chamber Orchestra,
Ludovic Bács
World premiere Recording

TRO-CD 01446