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     Super Audio CD (SACD)

What exactly is a Super Audio CD and how is it different from a regular CD?

Super Audio CD format enables a differentiated sound palette and a previously-unattainable musical intensity. With the SACD format, it is finally possible to unite the natural, “alive” feeling of analogue LP recordings with the latest in modern technology, thus allowing even the slightest nuances to be reproduced on SACD in a manner faithful to the source recording. Moreover, “multichannel” 5.0 or 5.1 SACDs may be played back in “surround sound” versions, enabling an experience similar to the cinema: five speakers, distributed around the room, are needed for full effect.

Is it possible to play SACDs on regular CD players?

Yes, if the SACD is a “Hybrid” SACD. In “Hybrid” SACDs, there is both a CD-layer for the stereo reproduction and an SACD-layer for the multi channel reproduction.

Is the difference between a CD and an SACD noticeable?

Yes, nearly as much as between mono and stereo. Due to its “surround sound” capability, an SACD possesses another dimension of sound than a regular CD. In addition, the considerable expenditure producing a “Hybrid” SACD means that the Stereo CD layer itself has a better sound quality.

What is required for me to hear all of the advantages of SACD technology?

In order to enjoy SACDs in ”surround sound“ quality, you must have an SACD player and a “surround sound” setup.

What will I notice when listening in “surround sound”?

When compared to the sound of a regular stereo CD, “surround sound” is fuller, clearer, richer, and more responsive to high and low ranges. Listeners will  have the impression of being in a concert hall, experiencing the music live. 
















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